The End of Internet Explorer As We Knew It  -  @ 11:29:11
In a recent conversation, Brian Countryman, Program Manager of Internet Explorer, has announced that IE6 SP1 will be the *final standalone installation* of the browser. The reason for this move is manyfold. Upcoming version of desktop intented Windows operating system, code named Longhorn, will be featuring some radical changes such as *trusted computing* (an Orwellian nigtmare?), enhancements in the file storage system, 3D user interfaces, XML driven menus and more. A new web browsing utility (or utilities ?) will be available for this operating system but this will not be IE anymore (at least not as we knew it), but it may be Internet Explorer .NET. It has been speculated that those new utilities may be CLR (Common Language Runtime) based components (e.g. Web Services clients, P2P applications written in one of the .NET languages). In that case, as the browser architecture will change, the plug-ins, Active-X controls (e.g. Flash Player) will also be replaced by .NET components.




John Giotta - email - url
I'm not sure if I like what I'm reading.
Will .NET be the nightmare VBScript was to earlier verions of Windows.

Also, how would plug-ins work? Or even JavaScript, will this further seperate the "balance" that browser currently don't have.
It's almost like MicroSoft wishes to force developers to comply with their terms.
12.06.03 @ 16:30:01


ahmet - email
Common Language Runtime will cause radical changes in software development for sure, .NET will be the most popular implementation for the near future. As MS bet the entire company on .NET, it is no surprise that they drop some projects.
They have also announced that they stopped the development of IE on Mac:

link to the story

14.06.03 @ 09:39:25


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